We planned the following Co and Extra Curricular Activities:


  Frequent class Literary Meeting to encourage public speaking and free expression in English and Urdu.

 Competitions at the school to improve the various skills of the students are singing, dancing, poetry, and spelling bee and poster competitions.

The “St. Lawrence’s Contact” its produced in English and Urdu by the Students themselves.

Scout troops, a cub pack and a School band are in function to stimulate all the students’ ideas of loyalty discipline and service.

Annual Prize Distribution and other School- functions also stimulate the students; histrionic talents.

The School Diary along with numerous useful features reminds throughout the  year, the staff and each pupil of the various school activities planned for the year.

Parent- Teacher get- together will be periodically organized to facilitate the exchange of views between the members of the staff and the parent s of the pupils.



Being aware of the value of sports in training in leadership, teamwork and sense of achievement, the school provides the pupils with opportunities to engage in Cricket,
Soccer, Basketball and other forms of physical activities.




Class outing and educational trip are encouraged at St. Lawrence’s Boys’ School for  their educational values.


  All groups are accompanied by two or more members of the staff. Overnight trip are discouraged, except with regard to scout camps.

  Participants must obtain their parents’ written permission which is to be carefully filed for inspection.

Permission for trips should in every case be obtained from the Principal at least two weeks before they are due to take place.

The places to be visited, the means of transport, the time of departure and arrival, the route in details the amount of contribution of the participants and all other relevant details should be specifically stated in the written permission application which the Principal may refuse, if the trip is to clash other important school activities or for any other reason.

With in a fortnight, after each trip a statement of accounts showing all income and expenses should be submitted to Principal for his approval and record.