Examination Procedure for Students


The seating arrangement made by the Examination Board must be strictly adhered to.

  Students are not allowed in the exam room before the assemblies

The students must enter and leave the examination room in perfect order and silence. This order and silence must be maintained throughout the examination time.  .     

  Each Student must have his own stationery and instruments to be used during the exam to avoid disturbance. Books, bag, notes of any kind or any material which can help the students during the exam will be kept out side the examination room. No borrowing or lending will be permitted.

No one is allowed to change the place that has been allotted to him without the permission of the invigilator.

A bell will mark the beginning and the ending of the examination.

Answer sheets will be provided to the students at their places by the invigilators.

Students must remain seated throughout the exam. Any student requiring help or answer sheet should simply raise his hand and wait for the invigilator to approach him

All answer sheets used by the students must be initialled by the invigilator. Any answer sheet handed in for marking without these initials will not be considered.

Once absent for the paper or practical, a student will not be given another chance to sit for that exam/practical.

Request from the students or parents for review of making will not be entertained.

Final Promotion decisions are made by Promotion Board.


If students are found having some thing in their possession while under examination, papers, books, notes or any other material they will be found guilty of malpractice and dealt with accordingly.

The students who are caught cheating or attempting to cheat including giving help to others then as a rule, his paper will be cancelled. However, he will be allowed to sit for the rest of the exam, till the board makes a final decision regarding such individual cases.  



  If a student wants to apply Transcript, Leaving Certificate or Letter of Recommendation, then the parents should write directly to the Principal,

  The school will only issue one Transcript to each student. So if you apply for more than one school / university, you will have to send certified photo copies of the original transcripts and certificates.


 To get the photocopies attested, you should give the originals along with the photocopies.


 If you want the schools to send certified copies to an overseas institution prepare decent pre- stamped addressed envelope and hand it over to the secretary.


When applying to school or universities overseas, use your Full name [Surname plus other names] and state the class and the year you left the school.


When you have sent application for overseas studies you are requested to tell your parents to inform the Principal in writing stating your Full Name, Class and the names of your target schools or universities.


 We will not be responsible for supervision work relating to entry to a school abroad unless special arrangements have been made with the school and that the school is involved in the initial application.


In normal circumstances, the school will help a student to process not more than 6 overseas schools / universities.


 Procedure for applying for a letter of recommendation:


         a)Write directly to the Principal.
         b) A form will be given to you at the School Office.
         c) Return it to the Secretary after completing the form with the photocopies of your academic results.

         d) If you want the school to send it to your applied school, you have to pay postage in advance to the School Office.

         e)Normally it will take a week to prepare the documents.



Transcripts:  an official record of a student’s academic results in St. Lawrence’s Boys; School.

Leaving Certificate:   a simple document showing the period of time a students’ stay in St. Lawrence’s Boys School mentioning also his application and conduct.

Recommendation:  a letter assessing a student’s academic abilities, extra curricular.  Activities, character and conduct in those years he attended St. Lawrence’s Boys’ school.