Our Dear Departed

Ms. Anne D'Souza

She was beautiful in person: beautiful in appearance and in character. She was some one you could look up to. She will be remembered for her wisdom, generosity and caring nature. Tragically, she expired December 2011 in an accident in Canada. She had been a social studies teacher before being appointed as a principal of this school. (1974 - 1987). We will always remember her as the bright star that she was.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Bishop Anthony Lobo

Bishop Lobo was an educationist He was born in July 4th 1937 in Karachi where he gained his formal education from St. Patrick’s High School and later at St.Francis Grammar School,Quetta. He did his religious studies from Christ, the King Seminary. He played an important role in improving education in Pakistan. He contributed towards private education to improve the quality of teachers in the country. Bishop Lobo sought assistance from Australia and built the Notre Dame Institute of Education. He wrote the school anthem for St. Lawrence’s High School, Karachi and had been its Principal from 1970 - 1974. As a distinguished educationist, he had served as a teacher, a teacher educator and a founder and a member of various institutions. He passed away an February 18th 2013 as Bishop Emeritus of Rawalpindi / Islamabad diocese. He will be remembered in our Prayers.


Fr . Franis D' Souza

 In 1951. Rev. Fr. Francis D’ Souza was appointed principal of St. Lawrence’s Boys' School. He extended the school towards Pedro D’Souza Road and built the first and second storey, covering the then parish house and the adjacent class room. By end of 1952, the new floor was ready for occupation.

 The school had now advanced to class VII and it had accommodations for the Teacher’s Common Room and Office. He had been the principal from 1951 - 1954. He passed away on 9th february 2014 .