St. Lawrence’s High School is an English Medium school run by the Archdiocese of Karachi, under the control of His Eminence, Archbishop of Karachi, and under direction and guidance of the Catholic Board of Education of the Archdiocese of Karachi.
This institution prepares students for the Secondary School Certificate Examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Karachi.

The school comprises of three sections:-

         a) Nursery --- Lower & Upper.S
         b) Primary --- Classes I to V
         c) Secondary – Classes VI- X




  Registration form to lower Nursery are given each year in January to a pupil who has attained the age of 3 and half to 4 years

 The original birth Certificate issued by any Municipal Corporation/Cantonment board along with Photostat copy thereof must be presented at the time of collection of the Registration From. Baptism Certificate is a must in case of Catholics.

 Admission to other classes will take place in the course of the Academic year, as and when a vacancy is available.     

 A student selected for admission to Class II and upward must produce a leaving certificate from the school last attended before the admission is finalized.

The school only deals with parents of the child and not with any party in the case of admissions and in all school matters.



  All fees must be paid in Bank Al Habib by the tenth of each month. A late fees surcharge of Rs. 15/- per week will be charged if the fees are not paid on time.

  Pupils of Classes IX and X will have to clear all their dues of the academic year before they obtain their admit cards or permission to take the examination.



  Students must be in time for school and be punctual for classes.

 Student’s name will be struck off after six consecutive unauthorized absences, and he can only be re-admitted at his parent’s special plea, on the payment of re-admission fee.

  A student who is late to school must report to the respective coordinator to obtain a permission slip to enter class.

 Students must not leave the school premises during school hours unless permission has been granted by the coordinator in consultation with the principal.

If a student becomes ill at school he should report to the teacher in class and then to the school office. He will be sent home only if necessary.

 In the interest of the student that he is regular and punctual to school, it is liable that he should have 80 % attendance for the first and the second term.


  The intended withdrawal of a student should be notified in writing by the parents/ guardians, one month in advance, or one month‘s fees will be charged in lieu of notice.

  A leaving Certificate will not issued until all the school dues are paid.

  A pupil applying for a leaving certificate before the summer vacation will have to clear his dues for the vacation months as well.

 Students whose names have been struck off just before the summer’s vacation will have to clear the dues for the vacation months if a leaving certificate is issued.



School uniform must be worn correctly and with pride within the school and at all school function. Students are invited to familiarize themselves carefully with the following guidelines. Ignorance cannot be presented as a reason for one’s failure to observe the requirements of the school in regard to uniform.


Hair Style : Students should have a normal hair style that is short, clean and not tinted.


Shirt : For Lower Nursery / Upper Nursery, Maroon Check Shirt. For class I- X, It must be grey striped. With spread collared with no brand name shown.


Trousers : For Lower Nursery / Upper Nursery, Maroon Short Pant. Long pants for class I-X it must be grey. There should be no more than two pleats on each side. The white trousers and white shirt should be worn for Physical Training period with white shoes & socks only.


Belt : Black in color. There must be no emblem on the belt or the buckle.


Socks : Plain white.


Leather Shoes : Shoes must be black in color with no ornament or brand name shown. Boots, shoes made of suede and boat shoes are strictly prohibited. Shoelaces and shoes threads must also be black in color.


Sweaters : Maroon in color. Brand names, emblems or colorful and Fancy patterns are not allowed. All sweaters must be V- necked.


Ornaments : Bracelets and rings of any kind are not allowed except watches. No other ornaments are allowed to be worn.


ID Card : The Students ID Card must be worn. If the ID of a student is damaged, then it can not be worn.



  Students must stand up and greet their teachers or visitors when they enter or leave the classrooms.

  All students must carry the School diary on all school days.

 Students must not enter the classrooms before the bell rings.

 All Students must leave their classrooms and corridors and go to the open areas during recess.

 Students must respect the directions of the school gate keepers as they are carrying out authorized instructions.

 Chewing bubble gums and other prohibited food items are not permitted in the school compound.

 A student should use simple, polite and appropriate language of a school- boy. Any student using vulgar, rude, or threatening language is a disgrace to himself and to the school. He should not copy the language and be behavior of the market place.


  Students must complete all assignments every day.

  All mistakes in home work and test must be corrected after these have been pointed out.

 3. Students must bring the School Diary to school for recording assignments given by teachers.



The following places are out of bounds to all students:

  Staff rooms.

 The Canteen during class hours.

 Parking area during class hours.


  No ball games are allowed in the covered play areas or in the Lower Quadrangle.

  To avoid accidents, chasing one another on staircase, along corridors and the Lower Quadrangle is strictly forbidden.

  Littering is ANTI- SOCIAL.

  Unbecoming behavior, like screaming and booing, has no place in school.

  Students must treat school property with care.

  Students must not leave their valuables unattended to avoid loss or theft.

  Students are advised not bring any item that distracts others from their work and responsibilities.


 Willfully damaging any item of school property.

 Any act of vandalism.

 Possession or distribution or explicit material

 Involvement Association with triad society or gang activity.

 Stealing, gambling or smoking

 Causing disturbance or being a nuisance at school concerts or school functions.

 Unauthorized possession of keys to any room in school.

 Cheating in tests / examinations.

Any students found guilty of any of the offenses in the above will be dealt severely and this may lead to dismissal without further notice.

 Students are expected to know all the school regulations well.

  Ignorance is not an excuse.


English is the medium of instruction keeping in view the demand of modern and scientific education. To improve the Standard of English it is compulsory for all Laurentians, be they students or teachers to speak in English. This will better equip the students to understand their lessons and give them a chance to proactive their English speech. Failure to observe the rule of speaking English will result in disciplinary action.



The School Academic Year at St. Lawrence’s Boys' High School begins in April and ends in March.



As Saturday and Sunday are both school holidays at St. Lawrence’s Boys' High School, the timetables Provide for eight period daily schedule except on Fridays, with one interval of twenty minutes after the fourth period. There are six periods on Fridays, with one interval after the third period.



Private tuition is not encouraged at St. Lawrence’s. The teachers do not accept to give the pupils of this school private tuition unless allowed by the principal under very special circumstances.